How Plastics Might Slip Through Solid Waste Management

How Plastics Might Slip Through Solid Waste Management

As much as we want to save mother nature, lessen waste, and do damage control to its (unfortunately) irrevocable after-effects, we can’t do everything correctly. Especially something as broad and extensive as a waste management system.

Something is bound to slip, and it can either be the quality of work or the small pieces of plastics during waste management. It can’t be fully controlled, thus causing some pretty devastating effects that pose an environmental and health hazard to many.

Like the general population, we also have some liability for this. Straws, candy-wrappers, even just bottle caps can be overlooked when we throw our waste. Most of them lie around in the environment. That’s why it’s essential to hire skip bin services. This will ensure even the smallest trash can be sorted appropriately through the sorting facility found in your area.

Harmful Ways Overlooked Plastic Can Cause

  1. It’s Everywhere

Plastic is ever-present in our daily life—and unfortunately, our environment as well. It’s clogging drains in large cities. It’s floating in the sea and kills almost 700 species, both at the risk of being, and already, endangered. It’s even present in Mt. Everest (read article), of all places! For both experts and green warriors, our plastic wastes are getting out of hand.

But the good news? We’re everywhere too. If we gain the cooperation of all able inhabitants of the earth, this plastic problem will end in a month. But ideals remain ideals, and our perseverance to recycle, reduce, reuse must remain as well.

  1. Fracking Produces Plastic

We can all agree fracking is harmful overall. It pollutes our water, soil, and air by releasing toxins. It creates cavities in the ground that creates sinkholes. It increases the incidences of earthquakes by destabilizing rock formations. Worst of all, it gives us an unwanted by-product: plastic.

As devastating as it may be, this isn’t the majority of plastics that slip through solid waste management; They’re just plastics that can’t be recycled or taken out so quickly. The primary pollutants are still above ground and in the sea caused by man.

  1. It Kills Wildlife

The majority of animals can be found either asphyxiated by plastic or died through the ingestion of one (or more). But how did this happen? In the sea, some plastics floating around for some time end up getting covered by algae and other chemicals luring seabirds. It’s a deadly snack for both sea-dwellers and flying foragers alike.

  1. Air Pollution


Burnt plastics destroy the ozone layer, which causes climate change. Need we say more? Many wastes that aren’t appropriately regulated end up being burnt. Some are even done outside of landfills, inside private properties themselves.


How Can You Help Manage Plastics & Ultimately, Solid Waste?


Hiring a skip bin service is already a big help for the environment, fauna, and your future generation. Skip bin companies take your garbage and sort them before recycling, reducing it significantly! For you, it might not seem like a big deal, but by doing something as simple as choosing this service for your waste, a vast difference happens as a whole.

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