How To Hire A Skip Bin In Sydney? Plus Other Facts About Waste!

How To Hire A Skip Bin In Sydney? Plus Other Facts About Waste!

At school, we were taught all about recycling, making compost, and replanting trees in order to save mother earth. You’ve heard enough green projects (read more) to fill a whole 500-page notebook! But did you know what a skip bin’s role is in this feat? Read on to find out how to hire a skip bin and other essential facts.

How To Hire Skip Bin

  1. Reconsider Cheap Quotes

A skip bin can’t cost you much, but it shouldn’t cost you close to anything either. A cheap quote can mean a lot of things. Poor services, late pick-ups, unclean bins, or even non-existent customer care. The last problem may the least of your troubles, but you’ll find a company that doesn’t address their client’s concern is very troubling when you need a refund.

  1. Inquire How They Get Rid Of Waste

As much as a skip bin becomes one way to organize and sort through trash efficiently, some companies don’t have a cellar reputation as for their disposal or recycling. You might think where your waste doesn’t concern you, but we reckon if you ever considered getting a skip bin, that means you’ve thought of going green too.

  1. Ask The Company’s Involvement In Any Green Programs

Chances are if your company is involved in a green project, they’re honest in their 3 R’s and try to deliver a better service as possible. It could also help to check their website and sort through galleries or the bottom of the page where likely website partnerships are posted for visitors to see.


4 Green Waste Facts

  1. These Waste Can Damage The Earth

You might think flinging an apple core beside the dirt road is doing mother nature a favor, but it gives her more problems to deal with. Yes, biodegradables can harm the earth and the environment if not thrown away correctly (e.g., made into compost). Fruit and vegetable peels, grass clippings, and even your apple core can potentially block waterways, which can result in floods around your area.

  1. Supermarkets Are Big Green Waste Generators

Though with a little bit of thinking, this becomes obvious, most of us forget that supermarkets don’t let perishables on the shelves for too long. They have to go somewhere, do they? Yes, and that place is directly inside their trash bins. What’s more, some supermarkets reject fruits and vegetables based on appearance, which also generates even more green waste. Studies show this is due to consumer obsession with their produce looking unblemished.

  1. Green Waste Produces Methane

Methane is a toxic gas that is as twice as toxic as your carbon exhaust from your car. When leaked and burned, it rises to the atmosphere and gets trap, encouraging a higher heat production. Thus, methane is considered one of the most harmful greenhouse gas, just next to carbon dioxide. One kilogram of this waste generates almost a kilogram of methane, contributing to a chunk of the gas already lingering above us.

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