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This is the first time I have hired a skip bin. How do I know which size I need?

From 2m³ (no door) to 35m³ Hook Bins we have a large range of skips in stock. So whether you are looking for something suitable for a simple spring cleanout or a larger scale construction rubbish collection we have a suitable skip bin size for you. As a general guide, the most popular options for those undertaking a bathroom renovation are our 2 – 4 cubic metre bins, those needing something for general house cleanups opt for 4 and 6 cubic metre bins, while our larger size hook bins are perfect for super scale constructions and revelations.

For the unfamiliar, a cubic metre is measured by the depth x width x length. You could try to make an educated calculation by visualising your pile of waste and take 3 measurements, length multiplied by the width multiplied by the depth to give you an approximate size. However, if you still require more information, please reach out to a friendly member of our team for a free quote.

Is there a weight limit to bins?

Yes, all of our skips come with weight restrictions. However, for safety reasons, please refer to our skip bin sizes page for specific weight restrictions for each bin. Important Note: Our skip bins can’t be filled over the rim as it’s a road safety issue. In fact, our driver will refuse to take your skip bin until the overload waste is removed and your items are below the rim of the bin. If you have underestimated your waste and require another skip bin, please give us a call and our team will do our best to provide you with a solution.

So I can throw anything away?

Well almost! Here are some of the items on our exclusion list;

  • No asbestos (special asbestos bins are available)
  • Fibro cement sheeting
  • Fibreglass roof sheeting
  • Fibro (compressed or not)
  • Food and liquids (including food packaging)
  • Chemicals (any kind)
  • Gas bottles
  • Oil heaters
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Old insulation

Some types of waste (eg tyres and mattresses) may incur an additional fee, so chat with one of our experts to learn more.

Can I mix my load between residential and commercial waste?

You can mix your materials, but ensure you remain under the weight limit or you may be forced to pay extra for excess weight loads. Refer to the approval checklist on the booking page, before you book your bin for weight limits and the items that are included/excluded from our acceptable list.

Will you also load the skip for me?

Unfortunately, we can not assist you with loading your skip bin. If this is a service you would like, best look for a labourer or an assistant online who you can hire contractually to assist you with your clean out.

How long can I hire a bin for?

All our skips can be kept for a maximum of 3 days. However, with 24 hours notice prior to pick up day, we are also happy to grant an extension of up to 3 days at no additional charge.

Otherwise, a fee of $50 is applied for each week pick-up is delayed. Keep in mind, if an appointment date is not determined in advance, arranging a pick up can take up to three days. It may also be possible to collect bins earlier than first specified. Please chat with a member of our team to find out how.

Where do you recommend I leave the skip bin?

We suggest your driveway, but basically, as long as our truck can access it, your skip can stay anywhere. Please refer to our terms and conditions at the bottom of our website for explicit instructions with this question. Cobra Waste Solutions, accept no liability for damaged lawns.

Furthermore, should you require the bin to remain on council property (eg the footpath) we can also help you with the process of obtaining a council permit. Give our team a call or browse some more information throughout our website.

How quickly can I get a skip bin?

To be honest, you don’t actually need to give us too much notice. We provide next-day delivery at no extra charge. However, as this service is subject to availability we recommend booking 1-2 days in advance to guarantee a skip bin on your preferred day.

Please bear in mind that while we offer the options of either morning or afternoon delivery, we cannot guarantee a preferred time. However, on the day of delivery, we provide half an hour to an hour’s notice of our arrival

Can I pay with cash?

Our most popular method of booking and payment is online. Alternatively, a team member can also help you pay over the phone. For those who prefer to keep things old school, we also accept cash on delivery.

Am I actually making any difference to the environment?

You absolutely are! Our exclusive recycling centre uses facilities that turn over more than 80% of waste into recyclable goods!

Will the skip bin damage my driveway or grassed area?

When a skip bin is delivered it generally doesn’t, however if a skip bin is delivered and placed on a grassed area there is always a risk. If your grassed area is soft or drenched from water, there is a possibility that our delivery trucks will leave an impression when placing the skip bin on grassed areas, thus will cause and leave impression marks. We highly recommend that you provide 3 lengths of timber no less than 2 metres in length to be placed under the skip bin if your driveway is painted, stamped or tiled, this will ass\ist in not leaving impressions on the driveway and any other hard surfaces, where our drivers cannot be held responsible for any surface damage. Cobra Waste Solutions accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused to the ground, surface, road, path or passage of the Site Address or the location designated near or in proximity to the Site Address for the delivery and placement of the Skip Bin. The Customer should ensure the conditions including access heights are suitable for the placement and delivery of the Skip Bin.

Did you know you can book a bin online?


With a wide range of bins for hire, booking the right one is only a click away. Simply enter your location and required hire dates into our free, online reservation system, and we will generate a selection of suitable options to help you book the bin that best suits your waste removal needs.