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We have been servicing the Penrith community with different size skip bins for hire since Cobra Waste was incepted. As a leading waste management provider in the local community, we have been involved in many projects including a flood relief program in 2021. At Cobra Waste we are leading providers of skip bin hire services in the Penrith local government area. We offer a wide range of skip bins to meet the diverse waste disposal needs of the local community. Our service is prompt, reliable, and professional, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality waste removal solutions.

With years of experience in the waste management industry, Cobra Waste understands the importance of providing a reliable and affordable service. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide tailored waste removal solutions. This level of customer focus has earned us a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy skip bin hire companies in the Penrith area.

We are dedicated to supporting the local Penrith community and are involved in various community initiatives with a focus on reducing harmful impact to our environment through sustainable waste management practices.

Whether you need a bin as small as 4m³ for a small home clean out or a skip bin as large as 10m³ for a home renovation, we have the Penrith community covered. Builders and industry can even hire Hook Bins as large as 25m³ for larger demolition projects and building sites from Cobra Waste.

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Residential, commercial and builder skip bins in Penrith

Whether you’re spring cleaning or moving house, hiring skip bins allows you to easily remove and recycle large amounts of waste quickly and efficiently. You don’t waste time sorting garbage or collecting bins, it’s all taken care of by Cobra Waste Solutions.

We rent out skip bins in Penrith for residential construction and commercial use.
Residential skip bin hire is a great choice when you plan to do a major clean or renovation, with our small, 2 cubic-metre skip bins starting at extremely affordable rates. Builders and construction workers usually need larger hook-lift bins — more suitable for longer hire. Our skip bins in Penrith can be hired for up to two weeks, although can always accommodate you if you need them for longer.

We also offer businesses and commercial spaces long term bin hire and waste disposal services. Our commercial front-lift bins are perfect for business owners who don’t have time to sort and dispose of company waste. Cobra Waste Solutions can customise a waste management solution that is specifically designed for your commercial and industrial needs, offering a range of front-lift bin options and ensuring timely pickups.

2m – 25m skip bin hire in Penrith

No matter how big or small the skip bin you need, Cobra Waste Solutions has the right size. Our smallest bin, a top-loading 2m3 skip bin, is perfect for tiny clean-ups, while our largest, a 25m3 hook-lift bin with a large front door can hold up to 8 tonnes of waste. To help you pick the right size skip bin we have found that the average small bathroom renovation will need at least 3m3 of skip space.

A kitchen renovation, however, is more variable. Some require only 4 cubic metres, the size of our largest small bin. If you have a large kitchen or are replacing cabinets, sinks, tiles and more, you may prefer to choose our smallest medium bin — a 6m3 bin — so you have some extra leeway. 6 cubic metres is also a good size for big clear up jobs like moving house.

And if you are faced with the sad task of clearing a deceased estate, then there can be significantly more to dispose of. In our experience, clearing a deceased estate will require at least a 20m3 skip bin.


Easy Process

Simply get in touch and one of our specialists will match you with the perfect skip bin, one that suits both your needs and budget.

Affordable Prices

We have a wide range of skip bins at affordable prices. Our dedicated support team strives to be as accommodating as possible.

Quick Delivery

You pick the date and our expert delivery team will ensure your chosen skip bin makes it to the right place at the right time.


Located at 32 Bent Street in Saint Marys, New South Wales our recycling centre is located conveniently for fast drop offs and picks up for all skip bin hire in Penrith. Gone are the days of waiting for hours or days for your next bin, we can accommodate for same day delivery when you book your bin online or call our team directly to arrange a bin booking. Our services are not limited to Penrith and we can hire you a skip bin anywhere across Western Sydney, whenever you need us. Our pricing is fiercely competitive and we stand by our ‘No Hidden Cost’ promise. This means, for extra materials which other companies may charge you, we won’t (unless we agree prior to the bin booking).

For upmost convenience, we encourage you to book a bin through our self-serve platform on our website. Our fast, responsive and easy online booking system will help you select the correct skip bin for hire and will disclose the final price on your booking. Once your payment is made via debit, credit or ZIP, you receive an instant booking confirmation with all of the details for your short or long term skip bin hire.

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Skip bins in Penrith for all types of waste

With Cobra Waste Solutions’ skip bins in Penrith, emptying the house is easy — just throw everything into the big red bin. Among the goods that can be placed in our bins are green waste, fabrics, clothes, shoes, water heaters, appliances, electronics, white goods, furniture and more. Certain difficult-to-dispose of materials like car tyres, bed bases, Astroturf and carpet will incur an additional fee and some items like food and liquids and glass bottles are simply not suitable for skip bins.

Asbestos is a difficult one. While we do dispose of it, its carcinogenic nature means you will need to inform us in advance so we can provide a dedicated bin solely for your asbestos waste. Those exceptions aside, Cobra Waste Solutions allows you to simply fill up your skip bin without worrying about sorting or itemising — saving you time and effort during what is surely a busy time.

More than just cheap skip bins in Penrith

At Cobra Waste Solutions, we make it our mission to go above and beyond to give you the best service possible at all times. Along with offering some of the most affordable skip bin rental in Sydney, we offer help every step of the way — whether you need a few extra days of skip hire at a moment’s notice or help loading the skip. We also try to be proactive and anticipate what you might need. For example, in order to abide by local council regulations, you may require a permit for a skip bin. To help you, we have all the local council permit forms — anywhere from Ashfield to Willoughby — ready to download on our website so you don’t have to go hunting for them online.

We are also available any time to answer your queries about waste management and disposal, whether you need a bespoke commercial skip bin solution or just some advice on the different types of skip bin we have available.

Cheap skip bins in Penrith Booked Online

Booking a skip bin doesn’t get any easier than doing it through our website. Simply input your postcode, choose a bin size and the dates you want it for and confirm the booking. You can choose a morning or afternoon delivery time and what type of waste you will be filling the bin with. That is all it takes to book a skip bin in Penrith!

There is no minimum notice to hire a skip bin. As long as we have the bin available, we can even deliver it to you on the day of your request. However, we do recommend you book 1-2 days in advance — to ensure there is availability — but we understand that is not always possible.

Payment at your convenience

One of the reasons Cobra Waste Solutions is the preferred provider of skip bin hire in Penrith is because we make it easy to pay. You can pay online with a credit card when you make the booking or you can call us to make payment over the phone if that is easier. For those who prefer to avoid electronic payments, we can even arrange cash on delivery. On top of all of that, we accept Zip, so you can book everything now and spread the cost across multiple payments at a time that is convenient for you.

Get in touch by phone if you need assistance, otherwise get started now by simply
choosing a skip bin online and placing your booking.

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With thousands of bins available in a range of sizes, speak to one of our professional staff members who can help supply you with the right sized skip bin for your job. We will also arrange for delivery and pick up at times and locations that best suit you.



  • Bricks
  • Concrete (dry)
  • Tiles
  • Gyprock
  • Plasterboard
  • Green waste
  • Small tree logs
  • White goods
  • Furniture
  • Metal

  • Plastics
  • Timber
  • Rubble
  • Soil and Sand
  • Glass
  • Saw dust (bagged)
  • Blue board
  • Villaboard
  • Terracotta

  • Rocks and Stones
  • Fabrics and Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Water heaters (empty)
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Cement sheeting compressed
  • Foam and Polystyrene
  • New Insulation

  • Asbestos (Special Asbestos bins are available)
  • Fibro cement sheeting
  • Fiberglass roof sheeting
  • Fibro (compressed or not)
  • Food and Liquids (including food packaging)

  • Chemicals (any kind)
  • Gas Bottles
  • Oil heaters
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Old insulation

Did you know you can book a bin online?


With a wide range of bins for hire, booking the right one is only a click away. Simply enter your location and required hire dates into our free, online reservation system, and we will generate a selection of suitable options to help you book the bin that best suits your waste removal needs.