You know well that overflowing garbage bins can give you massive headaches. They can allow vermin to thrive, cause pollution, damage the ecosystem, spread diseases, and make your property appear unsightly. (1)

Headaches can double if the skip bin service you hire is plainly not worth your money because you didn’t get the kind of service you expected, or you got charged extra as you didn’t know you’re located outside the company’s service area. Thankfully, you can solve these problems and more by renting affordable skip bins.

Fortunately, skip bin services have become more accessible because of the internet. However, hiring one can be a messy and expensive ordeal. Follow these tips to ensure you get your money’s worth when renting a bin.

Know what kind of service you need

Know what kind of trash you’ll be disposing of before you even start looking for a skip bin company. Do you want a bin for your excess household trash? Do you need a huge debris crate for a construction project? Or do you require a container to eliminate some of the commercial or industrial waste your company or business produces?

Know that those skip bin providers often specialize in certain types of garbage. One may be quick with industrial waste but may deliver smelly bins—potentially having some remnants of the previous toxic trash it contained the day before and you wouldn’t want that to be on your property even for a minute.

Also, keep in mind that skip bins come in different sizes. Be sure to estimate how much trash you need to get rid of to ensure you’ll pick the right bin size to avoid paying more and underutilizing the bin you’ll get.

Make a list of skip bin companies near you

To ensure you get your money’s worth, you need to find the most affordable skip bin hire in your area. You can get started by doing a simple search on the web.

Thankfully, most search engines nowadays are smart. You can just ask your device or type in your browser phrases like “skip bin hire near me,” and you’ll immediately get a list of skip bin providers in your locale. An alternative is to directly search for the keyword “best price skip bins” to get recommendations from the search engine website you use immediately.

Check the websites of the companies you listed

The next step is to do some light background research on the skip bin companies near you. To do that, visit each of the company’s websites. Check the services they offer. Find any promotions or discounts that they offer. And, of course, know if they have their prices posted.

Also, take the testimonial section of their websites with a grain of salt. Here’s a pro tip: If the testimonial or review has a lot of exclamation marks on them, there’s a big chance that it’s fabricated or fake. Usually, professional reviewers who didn’t buy anything write these fake reviews and often pepper their reviews with exclamation marks to persuade readers that the reviewed company is a good choice. (2)

Find reviews on the web

As mentioned above, skip bin websites may only provide you with biased information. After all, the last thing most companies will post on their website is disparaging remarks and negative statements about their services. As much as possible, they will only upload positive feedback and testimonials on their site.

To ensure you’re not getting fooled by a company that provides low-quality service, you can look around on the web for trustworthy aggregate review sites. In those sites, look for feedback and comments regarding the companies on your list. If you’re not familiar with a reputable review site, you can settle for finding reviews in search engines and social media websites.

On the other hand, if you find a company favorable, but it has negative reviews, don’t remove it from your shortlist just yet. Know that people who experienced terrible service are two to three times more likely to leave a review than customers who experienced a positive experience. However, if the company fails to reply and address the negative comment, it’s a good sign that it doesn’t care much about its reputation, which is a good enough reason to remove it from your shortlist. (3)

Talk to your friends and acquaintances

Because skip bin hire has become a common service nowadays, some of your friends, family members, and acquaintances most probably experienced hiring one. If you have the chance to talk to them, bring up your list and ask them which companies they have dealt with before.


Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you’ll get your money’s worth when hiring a skip bin. Remember: Know the service you need and the amount of trash you need to get rid of, rely on your friends and online reviews to give you information on which skip bin provider you can trust with your cash, and, lastly, pick the company with the most affordable packages based on your research.


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