Garbage collection services for Penrith Local Government Area residents will continue uninterrupted throughout the current state of emergency. As a result of COVID-19 and public health orders, Penrith City Council’s garbage contractors have changed their rosters. Residents’ garbage may be collected sooner or later than usual due to these changes.

Bin collections will continue on regular collection days, notwithstanding the shift in the time bins can be collected throughout the day. Bins should be left out at the kerbside until they’re picked up, and householders are urged to continue doing so, even beyond their collection day.


Schedule A Pick-Up Time 

Four free bulky home collections per year are available to Penrith City Council residents. This is an excellent method to eliminate major items like furniture or appliances that you no longer need. You’ll need to call the Penrith City Council to schedule a bin collection pick-up time.

Suppose you don’t make a reservation for kerbside trash collection within two to four weeks. In that case, the Penrith City Council won’t be able to remove your unwanted items. During busy seasons like vacations and school breaks, you may encounter delays of up to eight weeks.

You may download the free Penrith Waste Champion app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get the most up-to-date information on garbage collection times. App users can get council updates whenever they like. You can also check out The Garbage Spot for more information on the council’s online disposal services, including bulky waste pickups as well as other inquiries and ideas.


Rules And Conditions To Meet

A few rules and conditions must be met when you use the free junk and bin collection services from Penrith City Hall. If you don’t meet these rules, the local council might not take your unwanted things, and you might get a fine if it’s deemed illegal rubbish disposal. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Determine whether or not Penrith City Council accepts your products.
  • You shouldn’t put your trash cans out on the day before the collection day.
  • Your waste has a capacity of no more than two cubic meters.
  • Ensure that your waste is not impeding anyone’s way by neatly arranging it.
  • Doors must be removed when disposing of white goods.
  • Use bags or boxes to store small or damaged goods.

The night before your scheduled collection date, you need to put your goods and bin along the kerbside in front of your house. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, the objects to be collected must not impede or disturb footpaths, sidewalks, or other public spaces.

To ensure that valuable materials are transferred to the right recovery center for recycling, all mattresses, goods and metals, and garden plants should be put in separate heaps, with similar items grouped. Multiple waste and bin collections in Penrith can be scheduled simultaneously for larger volumes of bulky garbage.


How To Book Bulky Waste 

As mentioned, you can schedule garbage pickups for sizeable waste. You can do it in advance if you want to leave large things at the kerbside. It would help if you only put your belongings out the night before your pick-up date.

Before beginning your garbage collection project, please double-check that you’ve selected all of the appropriate kinds of waste. At the very least, you must modify or add a waste type five business days before your scheduled collection. This enables the council to schedule the correct trucks for your collection so that things can be transferred to the right recycling facility.

You may also need to notify the council at least two working days in advance if you need to postpone or cancel a bulky garbage pick-up. It won’t be added to the household’s yearly allotment if a collection is canceled less than one working day before the collection date. Before making a reservation for a pick-up, be sure to review the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Some apartment complexes in Penrith may have a large garbage bin, room, or bay. It’s best to wait until the night before your collection date to put items in the bay or room. According to the law, bulky trash products left on the curbside without a scheduled bulk garbage pick-up may result in AUD$2,000 fine.



Do some good deeds before contacting Penrith authorities for bin collection or bulky waste removal services. You can either give or sell items in excellent shape to a local used goods network.

The Penrith City Council encourages reusing and recycling as much of your garbage as possible, rather than dumping it out. The best option to get rid of your unwanted stuff is to donate home items that are still in excellent shape. Goods may be refurbished and reused by charitable organizations.

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