3 Benefits Of Using Penrith Waste Removal Services and Picking Up Services

An article about the various services provided by Penrith City to its residents. It outlines the numerous benefits of availing the waste removal and pick-up services.

Penrith City is nestled in the middle of the Hawkesbury Valley and the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia. It’s only less than one hour drive from the business and financial centre of Sydney. Visitors and tourists often come to Penrith to try the numerous water sports activities that take place there. The nearby Nepean River provides the perfect vortex for these thrilling and exciting water sports events and competitions.

But Penrith City is also a vibrant hub for business operations and transactions. And with the growing number of people who work and live in this city, the government has been aware of the enormous challenges that lie ahead. One of these is the challenge of providing efficient and consistent services in solid waste collection and solid waste management.

To be able to respond to this challenge, Penrith procured a customer relationship management (CRM) system with one of the largest names in software engineering. This has significantly improved the way city services attended to the needs of its residents.

That said, here are some of the benefits of availing of the waste removal and pick-up services of Penrith City.

  1. Pick Up Of Bulky Items

One of the benefits of availing of Penrith city waste services is that they offer pick-up services for large and bulky items. These are items that are too bulky, that they’re either too large or too heavy, to be placed inside your standard household bins.

If you have some damaged or non-functioning home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, televisions, computers, or laundry machines that you’re not and won’t be using anymore, you can call them up.

And with the help of the CRM system, they’ll be able to see your information right away and be responsive to your inquiries and needs the moment they pick up your call.

Additionally, if you have large furniture which you’re intending to dispose of, such as old sofa sets or chairs, you can easily call them up. They’ll be glad to respond to your request.

Moreover, here are some of the bulky items which they can help with:

  • Household furniture
  • Household goods and items
  • Garden materials
  • Metal appliances and other white goods

On the other hand, here are some of the large items which aren’t part of their scope:

  • Demolition debris and other waste from buildings
  • Food and other food waste, which can be recycled
  • Chemicals and other hazardous materials
  1. Avoid Fines Thru Free Services

The city council of Penrith allows you up to four collections of bulky items per year which are free of charge. The allowance for each free collection is two metres in size. This is almost the same size as that of a standard box trailer. You can include any household item which might be too bulky or too large for you to dispose of.

Aside from the fact that you get four free pick-ups each year, another benefit of using the Penrith waste removal services is that you’ll be able to avoid paying certain fines for the illegal dumping of your household waste.

Additionally, you should place the items at the curbside directly fronting your property on the night before the scheduled collection. If you live in a complex, you should put it in the designated waste bay or room. If you place a bulky item at the curbside or the designated area for collection without prior booking, it can be counted as something illegal. People who do this can be penalized for illegal dumping.

  1. Individualised Service To Residents With CRM Solution

Before they acquired the CRM, the city council had to put up with the burdens of managing everything user paper documents and file folders. This is how they managed and accessed information about the needs of their residents.

With the CRM solution in place, the government can now access a full view of the various needs of all their residents. It also gives them a depth of understanding and analysis based on the ongoing needs as well as previous requests for services.

This digital transformation now helps in providing excellent customer services to Penrith residents. It has enabled the staff working on waste collection and services to attend to the peculiar needs of each resident who requests service. You can now be sure that when they’re speaking with you, they know what you need.

Responsive Services

Penrith city council has transformed the way it responds to the needs and concerns of its residents. Aside from the adoption of a CRM system, they have also implemented various waste services that can help their residents properly manage their household wastes.

The waste collection services and free pick up of bulky items, for instance, provide numerous benefits to Penrith residents.